Bruce Springsteen | Bob Dylan | Tom Petty Live – The Greatest Hits Live


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We’re thrilled to announce an epic night of rock and roll as the awesome Classic Double Band pays tribute to three of the greatest American rock icons of all time: Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, and Tom Petty.

Prepare to be transported to a time of pure rock and roll as the Classic Double Band takes the stage to deliver a high-energy performance of classic hits, paying tribute to these legendary artists. You’ll be singing and dancing all night long to timeless anthems like “Born to Run,” “Blowin’ in the Wind,” and “Free Fallin’.”

This is a night you won’t want to miss, as we celebrate the incredible impact that Springsteen, Dylan, and Petty have had on the world of music. From Springsteen’s working-class lyrics to Dylan’s poetic and often enigmatic song writing to Petty’s distinctive voice and guitar playing, these artists have inspired and moved generations with their music.